Empowering Women

Purnkuti has been keen in ensuring that the women in our societies feel empowered and always feel the sense of surety in context to their self sustainability.

We at Purnkuti have close ties with the women in villages in India,in forming a community, and ensure that they are able to sustain themselves and their families through the means of handicrafts creation.

We are passionate about protecting the indian authentic culture of traditional handicraft making , and ensure right steps in the way of incorporating more and more women in this drive of preserving the society.

Our Approach

We get in touch with more and more women, who are eager to inculcate the idea of self sustainability into themselves.
Different women, of all ages, are brought together and a community is formed where they teach each other all the relevant skills related to handicrafts making.
All the raw materials re provided by us , for these communities , from all over India.
Women sing , dance and create beautiful handicrafts articles together.
We take all the relevant steps of organizing a market for these products , selling the products through exhibitions as well as online, so that more and more people get to know about these products and buy them.
All the funds are channeled back to these women , bringing in joy for these women , as they earn a good amount of money by themselves , and now they can stand as equals in the society.